20 Mar 2017

11 Tips to Step Up Your iPhone Photography Game

While the iPhone has increasingly focused on its photo-taking capabilities, it admittedly has its flaws. Work around your iPhone’s limitations with these easy tips.

Make sure the lens is clean
This tip may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how clouded over a phone lens can become just from sitting in your pocket.

Be in two places at once using panorama mode
Switch to panorama mode, and have a friend start shooting from where you’re standing. Continue to run back into the shot from the opposite direction, and voila! You’re in two, or four, places at once.

To turn on the panorama mode, launch the camera app; swipe left twice to change the mode to pano; tap the arrow button to change the capture direction; and then tap the shutter button to begin taking your photo.

Use natural lighting
At the end of the day, the flash option is just an LED light. For the best shot, try using natural lighting sources.

Take advantage of “burst mode”
Use the “burst mode” for action shots. It’s also the best way to ensure you get the sharpest photo by being able to choose from an entire set of images, versus just one.

Avoid zoom at all costs
Photos taken with zoom tend to be grainier. Instead of relying on the zoom function, try moving closer to your subject. Remember, you can always crop the image later.

Turn on Auto HDR
Auto HDR can sense when the timing is just right. To turn on HDR launch your camera app, tap HDR at the top, and then choose between “on,” “off,” and “auto.”

Create a makeshift tripod
You can easily create a small iPhone tripod with a pair of scissors and some cardboard. Bonus, if you still have your headphones, you can pose from a distance and use the “plus” button on the cord to take the shot.

Defy sunlight with a tinted lens
The sun may be great for your mood, but it can wreak havoc on images. If the brightness of the sun is causing your photos to be underexposed, just place a pair of tinted sunglasses over the lens.

Use the grid lines
Horizons can be tough to judge at times – get the perfect shot using your iPhone’s “grid lines” option.

Use the volume button
Because iPhones tend to be thin, tapping the digital shutter button can cause your photos to turn out blurry. To avoid camera shake, try using the volume button to snap your shots.


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