02 Nov 2016

Best Image Enhancement Tools Of 2016

Adobe Photoshop has come to be the name brand of photo-editing software on the market. However, it can be a difficult program to master and it’s expensive to use.

Photoshop isn’t necessary for basic and semi-advanced tasks including cropping, resizing, and exposure correction. Thanks to advances in technology, there are alternative online photo editing tools that accomplish all of these tasks and more. They offer users the same parameters as Photoshop, and oftentimes these programs are completely free.

Magic Picture

Magic Picture is the perfect first tool before using other traditional editing tools. It sharpens the image to the point of capturing the exact quality of the real-life subject. There simply is no other software as easy to use that yields such high quality, and can be accessed from as many sources.

It also doubles as a compression tool, which saves you significant storage on your computer or cloud drive. The quality of the picture is heightened to new levels without costing you valuable disk space.

Magic Picture is available on web, smartphone, and most third-party applications, ensuring it can be easily accessed across your entire team.


Pixlr’s site has two editing options: Pixlr Express (effective) and the Pixlr Editor (advanced). The site also allows users to edit photos via tablet or smartphone, with both Android and iOS versions are available.

Pixlr Editor is similar to Photoshop – it’s a straightforward photo-editing platform that lets users work in layers allowing them to size, crop, and transform images. The Express version, however, gives users access to creative filters, effects, and image overlays.


If you miss the glory days of Microsoft Paint, then iPiccy is the photo-editing software for you. The site lets users edit photos with a one-click automated process. Instead of using tools and wands to edit photos, iPiccy applies effects to the entire image.


Fotor has an easy-to-use interface that offers five photo enhancement tools, including modules for creating greeting cards, collages, and HDR images. Fotor recently added a new “Beauty” tool to improve users’ selfies.

The Fotor “Effects” tool has a variety of filters such as B+W, Lens Flare, Tilt-Shift, and Color Splash.


SumoPaint is essentially a “Photoshop lite” platform. The layout of Sumopaint is similar to that of Photoshop, giving Adobe users a tool set that is easy to understand and use. Although SumoPaint is browser-based, the site also offers a downloadable version.


PicMonkey is a tool for novice photographers that want a software to edit images quickly and efficiently. PicMonkey has four main tools in its holster including touch up, editing, design, and collage.

The “Editing” option allows users to apply advanced filters, effects, spot correction, etc. The “Touch Up” option, however, is a popular choice for editing profile pictures, selfies, and event photos.

You don’t need to be a Photoshop pro to still receive Photoshop-quality results, thanks to the other photo-editing software tools on the market today. Whether your goal is to edit a photo, compress it, or share it across your network, these programs can do it all while avoiding the headaches associated with learning photo editing software.


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