27 Mar 2017

Top 6 Apps Every Photographer Must Have

It’s the era of the app: There are apps for everything, and photography is no exception. There are thousands of photography apps available, but we’ve put the work in to bring you the following top six apps that every photographer must have:

1. The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE)

This app is available on Android and iOS, and can also be used as a web-based app. The app makes it possible for the user to search for a good spot from which to shoot because it allows them to see the compass angle, angle of the sun or the moon, the moon’s phase, the best lighting times, and more. If you need to get your lighting right, TPE is a must-have.

2. Magic Picture

Another app available on every device, from mobile to web, Magic Picture is the choice of photography professionals for its multi-use capabilities. Whether its image enhancement or compression, this app accomplishes the usually headache-inducing task of preserving your image quality while saving valuable disk space. Plus, its ease of accessibility makes sharing and collaborating that much easier.

3. PhotoCaddy

This app allows you to select a category, such as people or landscape, and then a sub-category. Then it will show you a wide range of photography tips and settings that work well with that type of shoot. You can even make your own notes and share tips with other photographers across the globe.

4. Photographer’s Tools

Available for Android and iOS, Photographer’s Tools allows the photographer to quickly access frequently-used measurements, such as depth of field calculations, hyperfocal distances, and ND filter calculations. The app also provides information on times for sunrise and sunset and the best times of day to shoot.

5. Easy Release

Available for Android and iOS, Easy Release allows you to create a customized release form that can be signed with the use of a finger. Anyone who needs a copy of the photo in PDF format can sign and access the photo, sharing it with whoever needs it.

6. Pocket Light Meter

With this app, you can turn your mobile phone into a light meter, which can save you investing in an actual one. You can point it anywhere you want to take a light reading, and use the readings to determine the types of filters to use during a shoot.

These are surefire apps that will benefit any photographer. Of course, the best thing to do is try them out and find the ones that fit your needs the best.


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